We focus on the health and appearance of your pearly whites. Whether you’re looking for prophylaxis, prosthodontics or aesthetic treatments – you’ve come to the right place at our practice in Berlin Mitte. We offer a wide range of tailor-made treatments to give you the smile you deserve in line with your personal expectations.

Our practice team perform technical dental procedures on a daily basis according to the latest standards. We use loupes with 6x magnification and a microscope to file down your teeth for veneers or dentures, guaranteeing a perfectly straight smile and crown adjustment without any risk of secondary caries, for instance.

  • Bird-eye view of Dr. Frey examining a patient with a high precision microscope
  • Patient lies comfortably on the dental chair while braces are fitted
  • Bird-eye view of Dr. Frey examining a patient with a high precision microscope
  • Patient lies comfortably on the dental chair while braces are fitted
  • Bird-eye view of Dr. Frey examining a patient with a high precision microscope
  • Patient lies comfortably on the dental chair while braces are fitted
  • Bird-eye view of Dr. Frey examining a patient with a high precision microscope
  • Patient lies comfortably on the dental chair while braces are fitted

Dental phobics

Does the notion of going to the dentist leave you panic-ridden? There’s no need to worry at Dr. Frey. We take the time to discuss your concerns and help make every treatment as anxiety-free as possible. Our philosophy is based on trust, which is why we offer considerate care for you and your teeth and always listen to your concerns. You can also opt to be sedated with nitrous oxide.


Our mission is to give you a worry-free, gleaming smile. Benefit from treatments such as bleaching, veneers, teeth alignment and all-ceramic dentures – we can help you achieve the perfect smile with visible results. Our treatment procedure begins with a full consultation and relies on close work with the dental laboratory.

If you would like to receive specialist advice, technical experts can also attend your individual colour consultation and other consultations at the practice. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Want to give your smile a pearly white glow with lasting, tailor-made results? Look no further! We use Philipps Zoom, the Rolls Royce of bleaching technology, to achieve quick yet lasting results and give you the natural, gleaming smile you deserve.

We can also use this technology to whiten your teeth before inserting veneers or dentures. Contact us to receive a personal consultation.

Do you avoid showing your true smile on camera for fear of exposing your teeth? Veneers offer one of the best ways to achieve a worry-free smile. The thin layers made from ceramic are applied onto previously slightly filed teeth to improve their appearance. Veneers can help align teeth (also closing any gaps) and fix their colour with results that last for years and even decades. Say cheese!
Teeth alignment

At Dr. Frey, we avoid using conventional yet highly unpopular braces. Instead, we work with invisible braces, otherwise known as clear aligners, to help you achieve a perfectly aligned smile for years to come. Our approach has a number of advantages: The procedure is pain-free, takes less time and costs less money. It is also kinder to your enamel, enabling you to stay on top of your dental hygiene with a clear aligner.

Veneers offer a great addition to this approach to close gaps, for example.

All-ceramic dentures

Are you looking for lasting, cosmetic and plaque-free dentures in the form of a (partial) crown, inlay or veneer without a metallic taste or galvanic currents? We use innovative materials and a microscope to carefully manufacture your all-ceramic dentures and microscopically check for a precision fit once inserted. Guaranteed flawless results every time.


Tooth replacement doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re looking for fixed dentures like (partial) crowns, bridges and inlays, or removable dentures, we provide full consultations to guarantee you receive dentures perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

We focus on the durability and preparation of your dentures, and subsequent check-ups using loupes or microscopes. We make sure you teeth are perfectly prepared during your filing appointment. Our shared goal: Dentures to last a lifetime.

All-ceramic partial crowns, crowns, bridges, inlays
– metal-free dentures at long last

We specialise in high-quality, long-lasting fixed dentures. The procedure begins with preparation using loupes or microscopes and casting your teeth. Rely on high-precision work based on our extensive technical expertise. After all, the best dentures are the ones you can’t see.

– essentially the same as fixed dentures

You can also achieve a great-looking smile with ‘invisible’ removable ventures. We carefully prepare your teeth for dentures under the microscope to guarantee a comfortable fit thanks to precision casting, giving you a gleaming smile.

Root canal treatment


When performing root canal treatments, we apply our vast expertise and cutting-edge technology, such as loupes with 6x magnification and a Zeiss microscope, to save diseased teeth. Rely on our top quality and high finesse. At Dr. Frey, we make nightmare experiences at the dentist a thing of the past. No more botched root canal treatments due to inadequate disinfection, time pressure or subsequent infections.

The mere mention of a root canal treatment can cause many patients to shudder. Most expect to experience discomfort, pain or a bad experience. We can help you overcome these negative associations and do everything in our power to save your tooth.

Professional teeth cleaning


Professional care is only half the story when it comes to healthy, gleaming teeth. With our professional teeth cleaning using cutting-edge technology to remove plaque, we rely on effectiveness that you can see and feel. This approach offers several lasting advantages: Reduced chance of infection and guaranteed better periodontium health.

Bleaching is also far more effective if your teeth are professionally cleaned beforehand. Want to learn more? Our dental hygienist is more than happy to help and provide you with all the information you require.


Our experienced dental surgeon Jennifer Amman gives your fillings the perfect shape and colour with a keen focus on quality at all times: We exclusively use composite fillings with increased durability thanks to their 80% ceramic filler content to help you achieve a more natural look. Only all-ceramic dentures are capable of achieving even better results. We’re happy to advise you and help you find the best approach for your teeth.

Periodontisis treatment


Periodontisis requires quick, effective and lasting action to stop progressive bone loss in its tracks and avoid potential tooth removal.

Treating periodontisis entails several different stages that we will guide you through: a comprehensive anamnesis followed by a professional cleaning and closed curettage (periodontisis treatment without any incisions) to remove bacteria and persistent deposits from below the gums.

This involves the use of a special laser and bone regenerating medical inlays in your periodontal pockets. All without any surgery, allowing you to benefit from uncomplicated, anxiety-free treatment.


Mini-implants offer a quick, affordable, low-pain alternative to conventional implants that are also the ideal solution when there is a lack of available bone structure. We typically use mini-implants to stabilise dentures: They help ensure your dentures are kept firmly in place when you chew, so you can rediscover the joy in eating all kinds of foods.
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